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Just saying Hi...

Not been playing long, main char is a level 23 Solitus Omni Bureaucrat on the Atlantean server. In no rush to level and interested more in the RP/escapism side than anything. Sure, missions and stuff are fun diversions now and again, but they quickly get boring.

Well, that's me. See you all around.
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agreed, i've been playing almost purely rp for years now.
Yeah, if I want the fun of missions, I can play my x-box offline for free! ;)

i play a couple pacifist chars in AO, one uses a gluegun and still does missions by sneaking through them, the other doesn't even own a gun, is a rare and unusual items trader, and crafts jewelry as best she can without being able to level since she isn't all about "pwning" anyone. :P
I just wonder how you get immersed with the total game. Local little RPs is possible but not as much fun if you can't partake in the large game-wide events. How does one join those?
It's more a matter of being at the rigth place at the right time, than being able to plan anything. Most ARK events (which is what I assume you mean by "large game-wide events") aren't publically planned and time-released. It's such a thrill to just happen to come across a group of greenies and engage in roleplaying with them. They're such a dedicated, resourceful and creative group, it's definetly what gives me my fuel to continue RPing.

I've played for 3.5 years, and the last 2.5 have been majorly driven by roleplaying. I have a plethora of characters ranging from levels 10-205, of which almost everyone of them has their own personality/goal. It's what makes it all so special, this immersion into the incredibly vast game of AO.

I do suggest that you visit the AO RP forums (this link is for RK1), the playerdriven Council of Truth and the playerdriven Omni-Tek board of directors webpages and read up and take part. These are instances the Events team have been known to visit, read and take part in.
Sorry to cut in.....

As far as RP Orgs go, how well do they enliven/supplement RP? Or are they all just using the guise of an RP org to share skills/tactics/loot?

What I mean is, would my opportunity for and quality of RP on AO increase if I joined one?

I can't speak for all RP orgs, only for my own. We have strict rules, both IC and OOC, and our main focus will always be roleplaying, above and beyond any amount of loot and such.

I suggest you do some thorough research about the roleplaying orgs on Atlantean and find out as much as you can about them, visiting the websites of those you are interested in, talking to and maybe teaming with the members and generally get to know more about the kind of RP org they are. There are as many types of RP orgs and requirements to these as there are orgs, I guess, and choosing one, if that's your choice, should be an educated decision.


September 24 2005, 07:35:43 UTC 11 years ago

Thanks, I will... ;)

My problem is that I want to rp, but I also want to tradeskill and explore. So I've been grinding, with an occasional tradeskill when I can, and have yet to have been able to rp.

My main toons are Skyjester (lvl 74 omni fixer) and Demihawk (lvl 46 omni engineer), on Rimor. I have a number of other toons that I use to relieve the boredom, and re-roll them frequently.
Well, when I've levelled a bit more, I will have to come seek you out ;)