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anarchy_online's Journal

Anarchy Online
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This is a place for all the members of Omni-Tek, The Clans, and even you fence sitting neutrals to gather and discuss life on Rubi-Ka. Community mainted by oninochuck

What is Anarchy Online?
Anarchy Online is the first science fiction-based massively multiplayer online roleplaying game (Sci-fi MMORPG). Thousands of players world-wide can compete and cooperate simultaneously in a rich, futuristic world of cutting-edge graphics and sound.

Similar in concept to older MMORPGs, the updated technology of Anarchy Online has everything those old games have, and much more:

Create & Develop:

Choose from four different breeds and 30 to 50 different faces. Alter your height and weight, and pick one of 12 different professions. Decorate and develop your character with an amazing array of weapons, armour, clothes and accessories. No two characters will ever be the same. Further customise your character and improve your skills and abilities through nano technology and surgical implants.


A massive planet of alluring beauty and perilous wildlife is there to explore for the adventurous spirit. Molecular travel portals between all major cities, "grid" access for the computer literate, and personal vehicles and planes available to all with excess credits, make exploring and travelling the planet of Rubi-Ka both diverse, quick, and exciting.


Cooperate with other players to battle dangerous creatures and escaped mutants, or sell your services for cash and equipment taking on unique missions filled with challenges and surprises. Constant action is assured by customised team and solo missions, lush hunting grounds and exciting indoor playfields.


Dance the night away in one of Rubi-Ka's many nightclubs, hang out with friends in your apartment, or sit down for a juicy bronto burger with your hunting party after a long day of adventuring. Chat channels, emotes and social moves will help you express yourself and communicate in the myriad of trade, organisations, factions and conflicting sides that reside on Rubi-Ka.