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Gridstream Productions

Hello, DJ Psykotropik here,
Just a little post to find out what you thought about the parties, contests and events we at GSP hold for you, the Anarchy players? Are they good enough? Should we do more for the community of AO? Are we spending enough time on both dimensions or is one getting more love than the other. I just wanted to see what you all thought.
Incase you're reading this post and wondering what GSP is, you can go to and find out. We're a radio station for Anarchy players, made by the Anarchy players. We play music for the people, hold parties and so on, as well as giving credits away and holding contests. It's our way of thanking AO and the community of the game.

Anyways, leaving it there.
Happy holidays to you all,

Psykotropik of Gridstream Productions.
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